Novi, Michigan

AutoTech Detroit 2024

June 5-6, 2024

Suburban Collection Showplace

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Alex Barth
VP of Automotive
Drew Newsom
Senior Automotive Business Development Manager

Experience the future of navigation at AutoTech Detroit 2024

Meet our team and learn about how Mapbox delivers an engaging and integrated navigation experience for the future car.

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3D Live Navigation

3D Live Navigation offers a more detailed dynamic guidance view for complex maneuver points in cities and on highways. It includes comprehensive, 3D navigation experience with lane level guidance, visualization of detected cars, pedestrians and cyclists, and ADAS alerts such as collision warnings. Landmark buildings and bridges are modeled in detail and buildings include arrival points for entrance and parking locations.

AI voice with MapGPT

MapGPT offers a comprehensive AI voice solution for infotainment, covering all aspects of voice control: navigation, media, car control, and custom OEM integrations in an OEM branded, highly polished voice experience.

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Mapbox Autopilot Services

Mapbox Autopilot Services offers a deep integration for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) L2+ across its Autopilot Map, 3D Live Navigation, and MapGPT technologies, making current and future assisted driving systems smarter, safer, and easier to use with greater hands-free driving coverage than ever before.

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EV routing & payments

Mapbox for EV provides EV drivers with an integrated navigation solution, from high-precision range prediction that takes vehicle and driver profile into account, to trip planning to paying for charging. Today, both MINIs and BMWs will use Mapbox for EV services, developed specifically for the needs of EVs, including range prediction and EV-optimized routing.

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Mapbox Navigation

Mapbox turn-by-turn navigation that beats Carplay. Learn how you can use Mapbox Navigation to offer a delightful experience that drivers prefer to use rather than pairing their phone.

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Alex Barth

VP of Automotive

Drew Newsom

Senior Automotive Business Development Manager