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The wide world of mapping technology for students and teachers.

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Learn and teach everything geo

From custom cartography to spatial analysis, from processing imagery to web mapping, Mapbox lets you build anything geo. And now you can create it all for free with our Pay-as-you-go plan. To get a Mapbox account, all you need is an email address.

Design and cartography

Design beautiful maps with the Mapbox Studio style editor. Flex your creative cartography muscles with our guides, then bring your style to life with our mobile SDKs, Mapbox GL JS, or any of our other developer tools.


Every Pay-as-you-go account has 5 GB of storage for your custom data. Whether you're designing maps in Studio, learning JavaScript with Mapbox GL JS, or processing satellite imagery, use Mapbox as your sandbox for learning, building, and playing.

Educational resources

We have a wide range of resources for learning that are designed just for you, whether you're just getting started or you're an experienced developer. With our ever-growing collection of guides, examples, and documentation, students can jump right in while instructors can design an updated curriculum.

Understanding the ecosystem

Browse the glossary to brush up on Mapbox lingo


Design maps and data in Mapbox Studio, a free web application with a full-scale suite of cartography tools (and associated tutorials)

Build maps in Studio with custom data

Add your map style as a layer in ArcGIS and QGIS with WMTS

Mobile development

Prototype mobile apps with Mapbox in Framer X

Web mapping and development

Understand the anatomy of web maps

Teach and learn JavaScript and web mapping with Mapbox GL JS

Take a deep dive into vector tiles

Leverage the power of OpenStreetMap

Create maps with Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Terrain

Data management

Optimize your data for the modern geospatial web

Use OpenStreetMap data with Mapbox

Clean up your GPS data with the Map Matching API

Turn your coordinate data into addresses or the other way around with the Geocoding API

Spatial analysis

Use Turf.js for spatial analysis and GIS in the browser (and associated tutorials)

Teach routing algorithms and linear referencing with the Directions API

Imagery and remote sensing

Create a Cloudless Atlas

The modern geospatial landscape

The way the world interacts with maps is changing quickly. Hop on board with Mapbox.

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