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Carefully curated streets, places, terrain, and satellite imagery, updated live.

Mapbox Streets

Worldwide, detailed street data powered by the OpenStreetMap community's 4 million members. Each day thousands of volunteers refine the map by adding new roads, buildings, and parks — everything that matters for cities and towns across the globe.

32 million miles of roads

OpenStreetMap has one of the most complete street datasets in the world.

252 million building footprints

Building data adds context to maps and improves the quality of directions and geocoding results.

4,000,000 users

OpenStreetMap is growing by thousands of new mappers every day.

Mapbox Streets data

The best underlying street and place data is updated every minute across our entire platform. Toggle style


Map data © OpenStreetMap

Mapbox Terrain

Hillshades orient runners, topography lines let hikers judge ascents, roads are designed to overlay GPS tracks from your rides. We processed the best elevation and landcover information we could find from around the world — 24 different datasets from 13 organizations, including the US Geological Survey, the Norwegian Mapping Authority, and the Canadian GeoBase data portal.

Terabytes of data

Mapbox Terrain is processed from dozens of curated datasets from around the world.

56 trillion pixels

We vectorized 56 trillion pixels of raw elevation data to create scalable hillshades and contours for the whole world.

Optimized for styling

Each zoom level is custom-designed to look great, and landuse classifications are simplified for straightforward styling.

Mapbox Terrain data

Global terrain and landcover data classifying everything from farmland to forests, at the highest zoom levels. Toggle style


Map & Terrain data ©OpenStreetMap ©Mapbox

Mapbox Satellite

Mapbox Satellite offers highly detailed imagery of the entire world. From tasking satellites to flying planes to controlling drones, we source, process, and color-correct millions of images. We're creating the best-looking, most accurate, and most up-to-date satellite imagery available anywhere. And it's really fast.

Cloudless Atlas

The perfect summer day at the highest resolution for the entire world.

Satellite Live

Processing pixel-by-pixel via our scalable cloud-based imagery pipeline.

NASA, DigitalGlobe, USGS

Our imagery is sourced from the leading open and largest commercial providers.

Mapbox Satellite imagery

Highlights from all over the world.

Bring your own data

Use Mapbox Studio to upload your own data and seamlessly composite them with Mapbox streets, terrain, and satellite imagery.

More than just map tiles

Use the Mapbox API with your data for custom routes and geocodes, and even make queries against the metadata stored in your tiles.

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