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Optimized routing, accurate ETAs, and a custom map experience so customers can order alcohol to their door in 30 min or less.

Since implementing Mapbox in early 2017, we experienced our fastest growth as a company. We’ve brought down our average delivery times by more than 15%.

Andrew Zeck
CTO, Co-Founder

Executive summary

  • Saucey uses our Directions API and Optimization API to make on-demand alcohol deliveries more efficient, averaging 31-minute delivery times across 6 major US cities.
  • To track deliveries, Saucey’s customers rely on our live-traffic ETAs — 85% of all of Saucey’s orders fall within the 10-minute accuracy window.
  • Our Maps SDK for Mobile saved Saucey valuable engineering time and resources, making it easier to develop maps across platforms and custom-design the look and feel.

Saucey is an on-demand service for alcohol that’s delivering orders in 30 minutes or less. Saucey’s couriers fulfill tens-of-thousands of shipments per month serving six major US cities — San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento, and Chicago.

The company is using our Directions APIs to optimize routing and keep customers updated with live-traffic informed ETAs, our Maps SDK for Mobile to customize the map style across platforms, and our Geocoding API for in-app search of places and addresses.

It works like this: Customers choose from a wide selection of alcohol on the website or using the iOS and Android app; couriers operating across the city are routed on-the-fly via the Saucey courier app; when couriers arrive, they scan the recipients ID to verify the recipient is of legal age.

Customers stay much longer when the delivery experience is consistent, reliable, and fast.

Delivery times are a critical KPI for Saucey

Using our Directions API — live traffic ETAs and directions — and Optimization API — duration-optimized routes (i.e. the traveling salesman problem) — Saucey is averaging 31 minute deliveries across all six cities.

Routing is optimized for multiple pick-up locations to identify which near-by couriers are best positioned to complete a delivery. The app also relies on our Directions API to “batch” orders together, ensuring a timely string of deliveries when possible.

Andrew Zeck, CTO and Co-Founder, explains, “We didn’t have to develop a directions algorithm ourselves. We have a lean engineering team, and this saved us a lot of time to focus on other features. I'm looking forward to seeing our volume grow at a faster pace this year and maintaining our amazing customer experience with a 31-minute average delivery time.”

Providing accurate ETAs is just as important as optimizing deliveries; it can make or break the customer experience. Each day our mobile SDKs collect over 225 million miles of anonymous telemetry data, improving our maps and providing a real-time view of traffic patterns across the world. As traffic changes, Saucey’s couriers are routed accordingly, and customers know exactly when their orders will arrive — 85% of all of Saucey’s orders fall within the 10-minute delivery window.

Since implementing Mapbox, we experienced our fastest growth as a company from 2017 to date. We decreased our average delivery times by around 15% from our 2016 averages, blended across all of the diverse markets we operate in.

Flexible design across platforms = dev time saved

Saucey began with Google products but quickly hit their pricing tiers. Engineering teams were also frustrated with the limitations in design and the burden of updating maps separately for iOS and Android.

Andrew and his team discovered Mapbox when searching for ways to customize the map’s appearance. “It was a delightful experience and saved us a full development cycle. We could very efficiently tweak the look and feel and build the map once across platforms. After that, it made a lot of sense to integrate full stack.”

Customizing the map style was important for branding but also for the UX. Saucey needed a clean way to show customers if they are within the delivery area. With our Maps SDKs for Mobile, they defined a specific GeoJSON for delivery zones in each city and used Studio to match the style to the brand aesthetic. Users can clearly see if Saucey delivers to their location, and they can confirm their delivery address using in-app search with autocomplete. The app relies on our Geocoding API to convert coordinates into addresses i.e. Reverse Geocoding.

Saucey is incorporating more of our tools into their product roadmap like using our Navigation SDK to add turn-by-turn directions natively so couriers don’t lose time kicking out to third-party apps. They also want to leverage our Matrix API to calculate travel times between many different points and conduct a more sophisticated analysis of delivery efficiency.

Mapbox has been instrumental in building our platform. From the client SDKs to APIs, we’re leveraging the full stack so we can focus on what we do best: fast and efficient delivery times and a great customer experience.



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