Why Delivery Address Accuracy is Vital to your business

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Jun 10, 2022

Why Delivery Address Accuracy is Vital to your business


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Jun 10, 2022

When it comes to online shopping, everyone can relate to address accuracy problems. You purchase something on a mobile app and fret over entering all your information on a small screen. There are too many required fields, captcha checks and login registrations. You place an order, an email says the package is here, yet it never arrived on your doorstep.

These problems are bad for consumers, and even worse for businesses. They lead to annoyed customers, loss of sales, and a lack of faith in your online platform. According to Fourth Source, 59% of consumers will be less likely or unlikely to order from a retailer again if they have a negative delivery experience. Plus, 75% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from brands whose app allows for quick transactions. 

It’s up to businesses to provide seamless customer service on both their website and mobile applications. This means using the tools available to ensure simple checkouts and accurate deliveries.

Accurate addresses ensure packages arrive at the right location and customers keep coming back.

What Causes Address Accuracy Problems?

Address accuracy problems can be traced back to two things: Complicated address forms, and a lack of address verification. Nearly 5% of all e-commerce forms have mistakes. By simplifying the process, especially on mobile phones, human errors like typos can be reduced. And with address verification, even if a mistake is made, it can be corrected. This saves the company time and money. With hundreds of millions of addresses around the world, it’s important to verify your address as the target for delivery. 

What is Address Verification?

Address verification is determining if the address of the customer is correct and deliverable. With address verification, businesses can reduce their shipping costs, improve the customer checkout experience, and enhance their own customer data. It’s imperative to have the necessary tech to properly verify addresses using existing data and resources.

Address verification is not only important for the supply chain. Precise address data is beneficial to all of a company’s departments, and can be used to influence major business decisions.

Gain Accurate Customer Information

Accurate address capture is especially important when businesses are launching into new markets. Collecting meticulous data keeps your CRM (customer relationship management) up-to-date and error-free. This means the sales and marketing team will have the data they need to succeed. High-quality address data can help a company find new customers, streamline marketing, improve customer service, and predict future trends.

Reduce Failed Deliveries

Failed deliveries are common… and costly. In the USA, 8% of first-time deliveries fail, at an average cost of $17.20. No matter the size of the business, it’s a high price to pay. Businesses should be doing everything they can to reduce failed deliveries - from improved routing, to simplified checkouts, to optimized address capture. With increased accuracy, companies will cut down on first-time failure costs.

Improve Customer Experience

Simplifying the address-filling process not only increases accuracy, but also decreases e-commerce cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when a customer begins the check-out process, but leaves the site or app before an order is complete. 17% of carts are abandoned due to a complicated checkout process. This means that improving your address capture can lead to less sales being left on the table.

Simplifying the address completion process increases accuracy and decreases e-commerce cart abandonment.

How Does Mapbox Address Autofill Help Solve Address Accuracy Problems?

Mapbox Address Autofill attacks address accuracy problems head-on. Businesses are able to collect more accurate address information and simplify the checkout process using Mapbox Address Autofill. It lets users match their address against a comprehensive database and presents a confirmation dialog allowing for visual verification of an address. With one glance, customers can be sure that their package will be arriving on Maple Street in Chicago, not Maple Street in Dallas. Also, customers can adjust the address pin which will improve the delivery experience, and saves their exact address location for future uses.

Simplifying the Checkout Process

Address autofill allows customers to find their addresses with just a few keystrokes. By using a single address field instead of a tedious multi-field address form, businesses are able to convert website and app visits into sales at a higher rate. This is essential on mobile, where customers are using a small screen and have less patience for complex processes.

Mapbox’s address autofill can be incorporated seamlessly into any checkout form, and customized to match a brand’s online aesthetic.

“Addressing” The Problem

In 2022, analysts expect 20% of retail sales to be online purchases. When businesses ensure a seamless process from checkout to when a package reaches the customer’s front door, they will dominate this growing market. A simple solution like the Mapbox Address Autofill is the easiest way to ensure accurate address data, and gain a leg up on the competition.

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