Azure Maps adds data-driven styling powered by Mapbox GL

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Dec 26, 2019

Azure Maps adds data-driven styling powered by Mapbox GL


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Dec 26, 2019

Our friends at Microsoft recently added data-driven styling to Azure Maps. If that sounds familiar, you’re not imagining things: it’s possible in part because Azure Maps’ rendering technology is built on our open source Mapbox GL JS library. In fact, Azure Maps uses more than 20 libraries built by the Mapbox team.

It’s yet another example of how Mapbox GL is at the core of the best map experiences on the web — and a great example of how the benefits of open source can spread beyond a single project.

You don’t have to wait for GL JS features to land in downstream projects to unlock that power for yourself. Sign up for a Mapbox account today and start building with the latest release of Mapbox GL JS and the full power of Mapbox Studio.

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