Bersabel Tadesse

Navigation, Product

Currently Director of Product for Navigation, Bersabel supports the various teams within the navigation product family across server-side APIs, mobile SDKs, traffic, data. She is responsible for the full scope of navigation at Mapbox by defining the product strategy, KPIs, market opportunity and user / GTM research.

Prior to her work leading navigation product, Bersabel managed the development of Snap Map as product lead for social maps. And after identifying the burgeoning location market in augmented reality and location-based gaming, Bersabel also helped form the Mapbox Unity team and lead product development through its first-in-market release.

Before joining Mapbox, Bersabel worked as an investment research associate at Hall Capital Partners within the private equity and venture capital team. Bersabel received dual bachelor’s degrees in Economics and French Language & Literature from Williams College, where she also minored in International Studies. Outside of Mapbox, Bersabel’s passions are: traveling, music, her yorkshire terrier/poodle mix Louis, and Manchester United.