Get access to Mapbox 3D Live Navigation (Private Preview)

Mapbox has launched 3D Live Navigation, providing a more comprehensive, intuitive and safer navigation experience.

Use Mapbox 3D Live Navigation to optimize the wayfinding experience:

  • Integrated lane level navigation and live sensor information provides drivers with better situational awareness, enabling them to navigate more safely.
  • Dynamic weather and lighting conditions mirror actual physical surroundings providing a more environmentally aware and safer navigation experience.
  • Detailed maps for parking/charging help improve map orientation, enabling drivers to more easily find entrances and EV charging stations.

While conventional maps offer low resolution map data with road centerlines and flat, two dimensional polygons, Mapbox 3D Live Navigation utilizes:

  • 3D lane models and real-time sensor information.
  • Sign data.
  • Environmental models.
  • 3D landmark buildings.
  • Dynamic lighting and real-time weather conditions.

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