@interface MGLRasterStyleLayer : MGLForegroundStyleLayer

An MGLRasterStyleLayer is a style layer that renders raster tiles on the map.

Use a raster style layer to configure the color parameters of raster tiles loaded by an MGLRasterSource object. For example, you could use a raster style layer to render Mapbox Satellite imagery, a raster tile set uploaded to Mapbox Studio, or a raster map authored in TileMill, the classic Mapbox Editor, or Mapbox Studio Classic.

You can access an existing raster style layer using the -[MGLStyle layerWithIdentifier:] method if you know its identifier; otherwise, find it using the MGLStyle.layers property. You can also create a new raster style layer and add it to the style using a method such as -[MGLStyle addLayer:].


let layer = MGLRasterStyleLayer(identifier: clouds, source: source)
layer.rasterOpacity = MGLStyleValue(rawValue: 0.5)