Troubleshooting: CSV file errors

You can upload a CSV file to Mapbox Studio through your tilesets page or through the Mapbox Studio dataset editor.

If you upload your CSV to your tilesets page, the resulting features will not be editable. Use the Mapbox Studio dataset editor if you plan on editing this data in the future. For more information on the difference between datasets and tilesets, see the Mapbox Studio Manual.

When uploading CSV files, keep the following in mind:

  • CSV files can be no larger than 5 MB for datasets, and 1 GB for tilesets.
  • CSV files must be in UTF-8 encoding.
  • CSV files must contain coordinates (latitude and longitude) when uploading to Mapbox Studio.
  • If a row of data is invalid, then that row will not be included in the tileset.

File format

The first line of your CSV file must have column headers, and at a minimum a header for latitude and longitude. Additional column headers that the CSV plugin will detect are: wkt, geom, geometry, geojson, and x/y. If a column has an empty header, a column label will automatically be generated.

Here’s an example of how to format a CSV file to upload in Mapbox Studio:

University at Albany,42.686744,-73.822852
Siena College,42.718588,-73.755328
Union College,42.814403,-73.930967
The College of St. Rose,42.664351,-73.786562
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