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Basic questions

What is Mapbox GL? What is the feature limit for Projects? How do I get beta access? How do I include attribution on static maps? How do I set the map's initial position? What is the vector tile upload size limit? Why are there blank or missing tiles on my map? How do I upload MBTiles files to my Mapbox account? How do I export my map data as GeoJSON or KML? What is the MBTile upload limit? Why does my Static image take so long to load? How long does it take for marker changes to take effect on the site? How do I remove the 'Examples' watermark on my map? How do I change the map's label language? What is a map ID? How do I set my map's privacy? How do I delete a map? How do I share a map? How do I enable retina (high resolution) tiles for a map? How do I embed a map on a webpage? Why do I get 404 errors in my console? How do I import data from Google My Maps or Fusion Tables? How do I embed a map on WordPress? How do I embed a map on Tumblr? How do I embed a map on Squarespace? How do I embed a map on Drupal? Can I move my map to another Mapbox account? What are the requirements for the Mapbox logo on my map? Can I cache maps for offline use? What are the attribution requirements for my map? What versions of Internet Explorer does Mapbox Support? Can I download the source styles for Mapbox Streets? What is your print policy? What is your film and broadcast policy? Do you provide historical imagery? How frequently is Mapbox Streets updated? How can I report a problem with a map? What are Referrers? What browsers are supported by Mapbox?

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