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Web services

Mapbox web services accept GET requests and support both HTTP and HTTPS. If there is an error processing the request, the API will respond with an appropriate HTTP error code. The body of an error response will be text (not JSON) which describes the error.

Access Tokens

Access to Mapbox web services requires an access token, which connects API requests to your account. Supply the access token using the access_token query parameter:

https://api.mapbox.com/v4/{resource}.json?access_token=<your access token here>

There are two types of access tokens:

  • Public access tokens should be used in situations where they can be easily rotated, like scripts on a web page.
  • Secret access tokens should be used in places where it is more difficult to rotate, like mobile apps which require an approval process.
If you are logged in, your default public access token is visible above and will automatically be embedded in example code on mapbox.com. To view your default secret access token, create new tokens, or revoke tokens, visit your account settings.


The current version of the Mapbox web services is v4. The base URL is:


Attributes may be added to returned JSON objects without changing the version number. If any attributes are removed or any breaking changes made to the URL schema the version will be incremented. For documentation for previous versions, see here.


All API endpoints support HTTPS and using it is strongly recommended. Some endpoints require HTTPS and HTTP requests to these endpoints will return a 301 Moved Permanently redirect to the HTTPS version.

URI References in TileJSON response bodies default to HTTP regardless of the protocol used in the request. Include the ?secure querystring in the request to have resources in the response reference HTTPS endpoints.



Mapbox web services support cross-origin requests with no domain restrictions. To make client-side requests to Mapbox web services, use standard XMLHttpRequests with CORS. To support Internet Explorer 8 and 9, use a library that falls back to XDomainRequest, like corslite.