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Live Sessions

Location Search 101: Implementation best practices for our geocoder

Provide a great search experience in your app by following these tips for implementing our geocoding API

Hosted by:

Karen Ellenberger

About this Mapbox Live session

Our geocoding API gives you the flexibility to implement location search in your product however you see fit, based on what your users want. But with this flexibility comes a universe of possibilities for how developers actually implement our geocoder — and we’ve seen many variations!

We spent the last month talking to over 100 customers building with our Geocoding API to understand what their product goals are and how location search and services fit into their product design. From those conversations, we’ve put together several best practices for how to implement the geocoding API to achieve your product goals and provide a good experience for your users. In this Mapbox Live session, Karen Ellenberger, Product Manager for our Search team, will walk through the implementation best practices, show you how to build them into your own products, and discuss learnings across industries that you can use to inform your own product development decisions.

What you'll learn

This Mapbox Live Session will teach you how to:

  • Add search parameters to make your search results more relevant for your users.
  • Use proximity, bounding boxes, and category search to help users explore POIs near them.
  • Apply our autocorrect functionality at the right keystroke.
  • General best practices for tuning the Search API.
  • Implement use-case specific search and location services aligned to key use cases such as on-demand, social, travel, or weather apps.
  • Talk about what’s in the works for the product.
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