TileMill is no longer in active development. For our most up-to-date map design tool, check out Mapbox Studio.


Create beautiful interactive maps

Whether you're a journalist, web designer, researcher, or seasoned cartographer, TileMill is the design studio to create stunning interactive maps.

Mac OS X



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Extract this archive and drag TileMill to your Applications folder. Extract this archive and double-click on install-tilemill.sh. Double-click this installer to set up TileMill on your computer.

While you wait, check out the TileMill Crash course.

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Manage data

Load data from a wide range of sources

Compatible datasources include ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, PostGIS, CSV, and SQLite. Inspect, order, and layer your sources to build complex maps.

Interface tour
Browse public data

Access dozens of useful public datasources with the built-in Mapbox Geodata browser.

Raster support

Show satellite data or map your DIY weather balloon aerial photography.

Render + style

State-of-the-art rendering

At TileMill's core is Mapnik, a powerful, full-featured library that includes support for RGBA color, True Type fonts, rasters, patterns, and even SVG transforms.

SVG markers

Resize and transform scalable vector SVG markers right in TileMill.


With full alpha-channel support and the ability to add multiple layers and fills, TileMill can create richly textured maps.


Style maps with Carto

Inspired by CSS, Carto gives you full control over design. Filters, variables, and functions are at your fingertips in the code editor.

Carto guide
Add interaction

Create hover tooltips and clickable pop ups with UTF-8 grid technology.

Embed graphics or images

Insert interactive graphs, images, links, and other content into your maps.


Publish to web & mobile

Every map you make in TileMill is desktop and mobile ready when you export to the MBTiles format.

Integrate with Mapbox

It's just one click to automatically render and upload maps to your Mapbox account.

Powered by open source

TileMill is built on a suite of open source libraries including Mapnik, node.js, backbone.js, express and CodeMirror. Visit GitHub to dig into the source code.

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