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Finding your friends with a little fun

Stop wasting time texting friends “where are you?” and meet up already. Zenly is a social app that brings people together IRL by letting you instantly see what friends are up to. And unlike other apps, who you share your location with is totally up to you and won’t drain your battery.

Zenly on iOS

With an interactive map, Zenly lets you see exactly where friends are and use our directions tools to meet up with them - all without leaving the app. If you’re feeling nostalgic, their “Footprints” feature shows all the places you’ve visited in the form of a disappearing fog. You can see trips you’ve already taken, places you’ve stayed, or track your uncharted territory and compete with friends to become the Top Explorer.

Zenly’s colorful app design and cartoonish interaction makes the map itself engaging - allowing you to send animated emojis, message to meet up, suggest nearby hangouts, bump to let others friends know you’re getting together, or even let you see when a friends battery is dying so you’re power-walk to meet up with them.