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Daily health statistics at a glance

Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle! With upgraded software and hardware, Xiaomi wearable products help you enjoy life better.

Through the upgraded Xiaomi Wear and Xiaomi Wear Lite app, get daily health statistics at a glance - including heart rate, fitness, and sleep - to provide a clear picture of your health. You can also add various health plans to practice self-discipline.

“Mapbox 为小米穿戴提供了优秀的地图功能和服务,以便小米穿戴搭建更完整的运动产品能力,进而更好地服务米粉和用户。—— 冯子雄,小米运动手表产品经理. Mapbox provides excellent map functions and services for Xiaomi Wearable, so that Xiaomi Wearable can build a more complete sports product capability and better serve Mi Fans and users."

- Zixiong Feng, Product Manager, Mi Sports Watch

Multiple Mi wearable equipment, such as Mi band and Mi Watch, are able to be connected with the app - and with marketing spreading from China to overseas, Mapbox maps make it possible to get a global map at a reasonable price within several sprints, supporting walking, running and cycling.