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Daily transportation options at a glance

Commuting can be tough, but it’s easier with a plan. TransitScreen helps people avoid the uncertainty of their daily commute with their signature product, TransitScreen and their consumer app, CityMotion. 

If you’re lucky, your office building or apartment lobby has TransitScreen displaying real-time transit information. This helps you select the route and mode of transportation that suits your daily needs.

CityMotion app for iOS

"Our customers rely on us to tell them exactly how long it will take them to get to their offices. Mapbox helps us build trust by providing accurate ETAs that are updated every few minutes to show real-world travel conditions. The maps are fast, we show only the info that people need on large displays, and since making the move we’re spending less time fixing errors and more time on new features."

- Eric James, App Developer at TransitScreen

TransitScreen uses the Mapbox Directions API to provide current ETAs compared to historic data, in order to offer you the ideal route. Keeping API responses under 200 ms allowed their engineers to transition to an efficient, stateless backend. Stateless means that requests are self-contained, independent of the server-side. Why stateless? It provides their users a faster experience.

For users on the go, their mobile app CityMotion, lets users find similarly detailed transit information based on current location. CityMotion uses Mapbox Maps SDK for Android to provide users a sleek user experience out of the box.

Integrated turn-by-turn navigation, automatic geocoding, map centering, and map components that scale based on zoom level help users focus on where they’re going rather than trying to get there.