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The Infatuation

Never have a mediocre meal again

The Infatuation has one mission: Bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world. Written by a team of highly trained, highly opinionated writers and editors who eat out (a lot), they’re helping users from London to Tokyo answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Online, users can search a custom map by cuisines, location, or even occasions like “Date Night,” “Brunch”, and “Late Night Eats”. Or when you’re tried of standing outside having the “I don’t care, you pick,” conversation the app for iOS and Android gives you the same experience, on-the-go.

Infatuation on iOS

Their tips aren’t limited to the cities they operate in. The Infatuation City Guides provide an interactive local take on where to eat - meaning avoiding the tourist traps in Barcelona or having to ask the hotel concierge where to eat in Cape Town.

Infatuation City Guide for Mexico City