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When you’re out on the trail, not everyone you meet has the same definition of “it’s not too much farther.” For more reliable information on your next outdoor pursuit, REI's Adventure Projects have all the data.

The definitive outdoor guides show the way to 202,492 climbing routes, 218,949 miles of hiking and running trails, 139,126 miles of mountain bike trails and 1,765 miles of ski lines, plus where to camp for each activity.

The Mountain Project

Adventure Projects began in 2005 as a grassroots effort to crowd-source outdoor data that was scattered across guidebooks, obscure internet forums, and your buddy’s hazy recollections. With loads of metadata and distinctly different datasets for each sport, the ability to customize basemaps, data overlays, and user interactions is a must. As are vector maps that render the data at 60 frames per second, so adventurers can get away from their screens faster, and back out in the world.

The Camping Project
The Hiking Project

The Powder Project

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Seamless vaccine finding with Mapbox GL JS and Search

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Motivate a great workout with routes from the Mapbox Mobile Maps SDK

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Empowering realtors with deep analytics and property insights using Mapbox GL JS and static images

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