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Enabling teams to use and visualize data, together

Noteable is a collaborative notebook platform that enables teams to use and visualize data, together. Noteable’s geo-spatial visualizations, powered by Mapbox, allow users to quickly gain insight and tell compelling stories from complex and variable geographical data.

“Choosing Mapbox was a no-brainer. It provides a powerful option for our users to make sense out of geo-spatial data while also allowing the deep collaboration functionality, such as commenting on data points, that is unique to our data platform. It was incredibly easy to implement.”

Pierre Brunelle , co-CEO, Noteable

Noteable’s no-code visualizations and collaborative notebook environment make it easy for teams to work with data in a single platform. Mapbox GL JS provides a powerful way for Noteable customers to visualize geo-spatial data, and a simple solution for connecting into Noteable’s existing collaborative workflows.

To tap into Mapbox maps, users simply select the tile visualization option within Noteable’s no-code visualization component, Data Explorer:

Noteable's Data Explorer with Mapbox integration

Mapbox allows users to quickly zoom and pan their data, and through Noteable’s collaborative platform, engage in deep collaboration around specific data points. Working together within a visualization saves time on off-platform back-and-forths and preserves context for later discussions and future users.

Additionally, Noteable supports using conditional formatting on visualizations - with the Mapbox integration being no exception: