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Moji Weather

How's the weather where you are, everyone?

There’s a reason we always talk about the weather: it happens to all of us. Tapping into the social experience of weather is how Moji became China’s #1 Weather app, with more than 500 million downloads.

The crowd-sourced weather map lets people report and plan — not just with numbers, but with the human experience of weather: What it looks like, how air quality is affecting allergies, what you should wear, if it’s a good day for sports and activities.

All this data from temperature to AQI to radar is visualized ultra fast and ultra smooth, using vector tiles on top of the government-approved Mapbox Streets Chinese base map.

Left: Moji radar data visualized as raster images. Right: The same data visualized as vector tiles.

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Maps feature data from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and their data partners.