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A traveler’s new best friend

LocusLabs wants to leave the missed connections to Craigslist, not your next airport experience. With precise indoor mapping technology, wayfinding, asset tracking, and customizable indoor points of interest, LocusLabs helps bring physical spaces like airports and company campuses to life. 

Passengers frantically rushing from security or through a terminal to catch their next connection is bad for business. Retail purchases from travelers passing time before their flight accounts for about a third of airport revenue. To get passengers away from the gate, they need to feel confident they know what stores are around them, how long it will take to walk back to their gate, and where they can get a bite to eat. LocusLabs 3D indoor maps ingest GIS and CAD files to map out every inch of an airport - from where the closest Starbucks is after security to where a hand sanitizer location is - giving travelers the comfort to get up and shop. 

"Since moving to Mapbox, we've seen improved engagement across our users. For airports, we saw a 2.9X increase in the share of sessions two minutes or longer (7.6% to 23% of sessions) and a 2X increase in the share of sessions one minute or longer (20.4% to 40.7% of sessions)."

- Matt, Marketing, LocusLabs

For airlines, LocusLabs tools offer even more customization through their APIs and SDKs. Airlines like United Airlines can send a push notification to passengers as soon as the plane hits the tarmac with step-by-step directions on how to get to their connecting flight before the doors close. They can add thumbnails into emails before a user even leaves home - allowing them to plan how long it will take them to get through security, where they should stop for a snack, and when to start waiting by the gate.