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Dusk Mobile

Visualize and empower your workforce

The Dusk Intelligent Operations Platform (Dusk IOP) provides customers the right data at the right time, automatically.

Coupled with Mapbox, the Dusk IOP provides a data rich, cost effective solution for visualizing assets, clients, and locations. Now, workforces can complete their tasks in the most optimal way with valuable insights delivered throughout the day without compromising on functionality.

“As an avid cyclist on Strava, I was intrigued by Mapbox and how their SDK could work with our app. Our customers demand more feature rich solutions for their jobs, driven by their consumer experiences and Mapbox allows us to deliver on that.”

- Alan King, CEO, Dusk Mobile

With Mapbox, Dusk IOP field users can see all their work in the field, filter by dates, clients, priority, and work types, all before receiving turn-by-turn directions to sites. Multiple jobs can be completed automatically online and offline – even allowing users to look up unassigned work local to where they are. Being able to identify nearby work in this way reduces reliance on office-based planners and schedulers, and has reduced costs by 24% and increased productivity by 18%.

In the office, being able to identify work statuses has reduced communication chatter and increased positive interactions between Dusk customers and their clients. Coupled with an innovative Daily Log in the IOP web platform, a timeline of work completed by field users allows managers to give approvals ahead of seamless payroll processing. The speed of scheduling work has improved by more than 55% through these automations and smart packaging. 

By eliminating the unnecessary process of chasing down expenses, phone calls and emails, and timesheets, Dusk users can focus on continuing to make better data driven decisions.