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Data Yicai

The rising city data platform

The Rising Lab is China’s largest city data research institution of Shanghai Media Group (SMG) aimed at helping urban business decisions be made efficiently and accurately. The Rising Lab platform, supported by Mapbox, collects over 1 billion cross-domain data points to build visualizations and analytics in a multitude of industries ranging from commercial to industrial, residential to infrastructural, and more.

By being able to visualize data such as administrative boundaries and business districts, users gain insights about people’s movement, branding information, and user portraits based on location.

“The Mapbox powered platform is easy for people to interact with, and friendly enough to support various data resources and formats. The most exciting part is the rendering user-experience for making beautiful data reports.”

- Mao Yimei, Product Manager, The Rising Lab

With the help of Mapbox GL JS, users are able to start a polygon selection within a few clicks and change their base map for increased visual effect. The result is a streamlined and productive data report tailored for clients in any industry including real estate, retail, logistics, and government.