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Take the Streets. Turn by Turn.

All you need is a beautiful steed to discover a new city. More than your average electric bike - Cowboy builds a worthy steed for all your adventures, whether going to work or getting around town so you can “ride until you can’t no more.”

The newly redesigned Cowboy bike app includes native turn by turn with Mapbox’s Navigation SDK 1.0 and with all the same great features as before - allowing users to unlocking smart, app-based anti-theft features like locking and find my bike, even if it wasn’t you who untied it from the hitching post.


Riders no longer need to open up an external map and drain additional battery life when the Cowboy app has all the navigation you need on your trusty steed. The Cowboy bike and app pair seamlessly - allowing the rider a smooth and safe ride with serious street smarts to beat traffic and find the safest, cleanest, and fastest route in town. With routes optimized for the cyclist, you can trust that you can get to where you need to be when you need to be there.

"The in-app functionalities are amazing: seamless unlocking system, geolocation of the bike, navigation, theft control, crash detection, ... a fully integrated ecosystem."

- COWBOY Customer