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Changing the way people experience maps

Vertical and oblique aerial photography for maps is so yesteryear. AerialSphere is changing the game with its XP360 platform. This 360° immersive aerial panoramic experience is making maps more engaging, entertaining and informative. Using XP360 is like strapping on a jet pack so you can virtually experience any location. Users can tour a college campus, look for a new house or assess locations for development from vantage points never before possible. XP360 offers a whole new way to experience the world below.

AerialSphere’s Coverage Map is their go-to tool to show customers these 360-degree panoramas - referred to as “XP360 spheres”. Displaying both the available and coming soon spheres, the map gives customers a way to request spheres on-demand. Building the Coverage Map on Mapbox enables the AerialSphere team to create a dynamic, branded, and informative tool.

Experience the world below from numerous vantage points with AerialSphere’s new public Style for Mapbox - pan, tilt and zoom your way through a national dataset of 360-degree aerial panoramas. AerialSphere’s geo-enabled imagery allows users to explore maps in a completely different dimension, traveling between traditional map views and immersive aerial experiences. To learn more about how to leverage the style in your application visit AerialSphere.