Today we’re tagging the very first version of the iD editor for OpenStreetMap. It’s come a very long way in the past few months since kicking off after Richard’s talk at the State of the Map US conference: design improvements by Saman, testing infrastructure and core data strategy with John, and a lot more.

It also has a long way to go, but we’re going to shift development into feature & bug branches so that you can start tinkering with it and giving input.

Here’s a quick idea of what’s there to try out:

Points, Lines, Areas, and Tags

iD now supports creating, modifying, and deleting all of the fundamental datatypes of OpenStreetMap: you can draw, tag, and increase the accuracy of roads, buildings, and places on the map.

The tag editor takes advantage of Taginfo for inline autocomplete and documentation. Popular tag combinations are shown as you type.

iD’s background layer system already supports Bing, TIGER, OSM, and custom layers which use XYZ and quadtile schemes. You can dim layers to 50% opacity or turn off the background layer entirely.

iD shows you the usernames of local mappers so you can get in contact & ask about changes that you’re making - the local community.

What’s to Come

There are still many issues to fix and implement. Besides just bugs and visual tweaks, there are some major features that we’ve yet to crack the surface on:

  • A powerful, customizable set of presets which guide the editing process for typical features like buildings and roads
  • Relations editing, including user-friendly tools for adding and fixing turn restrictions, so that applications like OSRM have a richer dataset
  • A plugin system to allow for advanced features like those in JOSM without making iD itself unwieldy
  • Full translatability to allow iD to be used in many native languages

How to Help

Try editing with the testing instance!. We’d love to have more help developing and testing iD.

To help test, edit the map, find bugs, and report them on GitHub after searching for existing issues.

To help code, check out the issues and find one that sounds interesting. We idle in #ideditor on and would love to help out.

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Much of this work is currently focused on improvements to OpenStreetMap funded by the Knight Foundation

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