World wide OpenStreetMap data coverage 2012

After kicking off Knight Foundation funded OpenStreetMap work two weeks ago we have gotten tons of feedback from the community on mailing lists, the openstreetmap-website repository and at the State of the Map in Portland. This was extremely valuable input and it’s fantastic to see so many people we can engage with on improving OpenStreetMap. There is much more work to be done than what we can hope to tackle in the next months, but there are incredibly clear next actions to follow now. Specifically, Tom has started to contribute to the iD project. Here is a note by Richard Fairhurst on how to get involved in development.

We’re starting this blog as a casual space to talk about our ongoing Knight-funded work. This is the place to stay in the loop of what we’re up to. Expect regular updates of where work is happening and bigger picture posts. We will continue to post key developments to [talk] and hash out conversations on [dev], while we’re keeping our heads down on work in issue queues like iD’s.

Devlogging work on the OpenStreetMap project by the MapBox team.

Much of this work is currently focused on improvements to OpenStreetMap funded by the Knight Foundation

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