19 Jul 2013

Working Toward A Vision for OpenStreetMap.org

Implementing the first pieces of a redesigned site
11 Mar 2013

iD alpha3, with Radically Better Feature Editing

Feature interface improvements, bug fixes, and new operations
28 Feb 2013

iD Architecture: Map Rendering and Other UI

How iD renders the vector map and other UI components using d3
27 Feb 2013

iD Architecture: Modes, Behavior, and Operations

A tour of the code that implements the user interface of iD
26 Feb 2013

iD Architecture: Core and Actions

Examining the code at the center of iD
14 Feb 2013

iD alpha2

The alpha 2 release of iD operates on the live OpenStreetMap database and brings translations
12 Feb 2013

Labeling in OpenStreetMap's iD Editor

Fast in-browser labeling for better orientation when editing
29 Jan 2013

iD alpha1

Bugfixes, features, and usability improvements
17 Jan 2013


Jochen Topf's Excellent API For OSM Tags
15 Jan 2013

OAuth in Javascript

How iD Logs in to OpenStreetMap
11 Jan 2013

Designing iD

Alpha0 of the new OpenStreetMap editor iD launches with a new design
22 Dec 2012

iD Alpha0

The first release of iD
06 Dec 2012

Javascript Browser Testing and Continuous Integration with iD

Ensuring the Stability of an Important Tool
06 Dec 2012

Designing a New OpenStreetMap Editor

Entering the First Phase of Designing iD
21 Nov 2012

Design Improvements to OpenStreetMap.org

Iteratively Solidifying the Look and Feel
20 Nov 2012

Getting serious about SVG

Performance, drawing, and more
14 Nov 2012

iD Updates

More Specifics on the Road to An Editor
25 Oct 2012

First Steps With iD Editor

Joining Forces With The iD Project
23 Oct 2012

Hacking on OWL and APIs On October 27 and 28

Matt Amos Is in Town, Join Us for OpenStreetMap Watch List and API Fun
23 Oct 2012

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