OpenStreetMap powers Mapbox

OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of maps: a global, collaborative effort to create a free and universal map of the world. Every day, thousands of volunteers improve OpenStreetMap, fixing mistakes and adding new data.

Mapbox uses this data to form the backbone of the most accurate map in the world.

21,107,196 miles worth of road data
1,500,000+ users
80,000,000 buildings

A dense map of the world

With over one million people contributing data and ongoing automated imports, OpenStreetMap is an ever growing source of rich map data.

BELOW: Roads in six locations around the world, shaded by how recently they've been updated by users. Older imports are in green and blue while cities glowing in red represent active communities and the effects of recent automated editing.

Updated and verified in real time

OpenStreetMap is constantly improved by thousands of volunteers around the world. Here's what they're doing now:

Over 1.5 million users and growing

Every month 20,000 OpenStreetMap contributors log in and update the map and add or modify millions of features.

Verified quality

OpenStreetMap has multiple quality-assurance feedback loops for improving data and catching problems before they spread. For example KeepRight automatically detects issues with the road system that could affect routing and JOSM/Validator lets individual users validate their neighborhoods.

Trusted by millions

OpenStreetMap powers the maps of some of the biggest brands on the web.