Mapbox Light & Dark

Mapbox Light and Mapbox Dark are subtle, full-featured maps designed to provide geographic context while highlighting the data on your analytics dashboard, data visualization, or data overlay.

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Specialized color systems

Our cartographers have created two tightly constrained color palettes that use slight shifts in hue and value to provide depth and space without overwhelming overlaid content.

Mapbox Streets data

Mapbox Light and Dark use the same vector tile source as our general-purpose maps and contain the full range of geographic information required to provide context for overlays.

Optimized styling

Light and Dark are specially designed to show a full set of cartographic features without distracting from your content. Our designers have modified every element of these maps – thinning line widths, lowering label densities, reducing contrast – to make sure they always complement your project.

Design features


Highly organized road data, designed to present a clearly legible hierarchy of all road types across a wide zoom range.

Administrative boundaries

A global political and administrative boundary layer.

Built features

Building footprints, rail stations, urban parks, land use, famous landmarks, and neighborhood stores.

Natural features

Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, coastal boundaries, parks, land cover, and beaches.


A complete hierarchy of location labels, from countries and states down to villages and neighborhoods.


Vivid hillshading delivers visually tactile topography for outdoor and active lifestyle apps.