Welcome to Map Madness, our first annual map-based tournament in the month of March! Participate in our 4-part competition. Each week we'll introduce a new challenge, and if you complete all four, you'll be eligible for the chance to win the grand prize.

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The Prizes

Map Madness Hoodie

Mavic Air DJI drone

All expenses paid trip to our user conference

Round 1

Use Cartogram to create a custom map

Use Cartogram, our drag-and-drop custom design tool, to create a custom map, incorporating your favorite team's colors. Share your map via Twitter and mention @mapbox with #mapmadness18

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Round 2

Track your team's journey

Follow our interactive marker tutorial to add a marker to your Cartogram map from last week. Place the marker on the home stadium of the team you're cheering or the location of their next game. Then tweet your project @mapbox with #mapmadness18 to submit! For how-to instructions follow the walk through here.

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Round 3

Display buildings in 3D

For our third round we're adding a third dimension. Take the buildings in your Cartogram map from flat to fly by using extrusions in Mapbox GL JS. Tweet your new map @mapbox with #mapmadness18 to submit. For how-to instructions follow the walk through here.

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Round 4

Build + blog

You've made it this far, now the game really heats up. Build a map or web application using Mapbox and blog, on Medium, how you created it.

Your project must use:

Your blog must include:

  • Overview of any Mapbox tools used and third-party tools used (if applicable)
  • At least two screenshots of the map
  • At least two code snippets

Tweet your project and link to your Medium blog post @mapbox with #mapmadness18 by April 6th.

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Announcing grand prize winner