Image Processing Software Engineer, Washington DC or San Francisco

Want to help process billions of pixels of raw data into beautiful information at Mapbox? We’re looking for coders in the image processing space to join the satellite team, a small, focused crew that makes Mapbox Satellite a reality.

Our imagery work is cross-domain - we work with devops to make sure servers can process changes on the fly, and with the design team to ensure the results are beautiful and flexible. The result is projects like Cloudless Atlas that defy Mapbox’s small size and change the landscape of how imagery is done.

We’re looking for creative people who can imagine better ways to solve our real-world processing challenges. You should think in terms of scale, time, and elegance, and not be afraid to learn on the spot. You’ll become comfortable with government and commercial data sources and bureaucracies, and will learn how to convince ‘data portals’ to do your bidding.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • Pixel master. You’ve got extensive experience working with and developing software for raster data, and aren’t scared of multispectral imagery, enormous datasets, etc.
  • Flexibility is vital. You might spend the morning optimizing bitwise operations and the afternoon helping a designer color-correct satellite photos.
  • Wise coder. You move up and down the ladder of abstraction, sometimes sweating the details of one line of code, sometimes contemplating how to change the world by building something new.
  • Self-taught learner. You’ll be surrounded by teammates with deep experience in strategy, data, code, and design, but we expect to be learning just as much from you.
  • Open by design. Open source and open data power our business and the work we produce, both technically and philosophically.

To apply

Please send the following to

  • Note describing why you’re interested in image processing software engineering at Mapbox.
  • Résumé.
  • Examples of your work. Link to your GitHub page, to projects you’ve finished, or to your website.
  • (extra points) Design an awesome map with Mapbox Studio and code up something new with Mapbox.js.

PS: Have a raster background in something else, like photography or medical imaging, but want to switch domains? Some of our best coders did something wildly different in previous lives: drop us a line.