We’re looking for coders who want to build the geospatial software of the future. Our team has built everything from sophisticated server infrastructure to mobile apps to tiny, useful open-source libraries. The development team works in lockstep with the design team to deliver real applications and tools that are beautiful, functional, and constantly evolving.

We’re looking for creative thinkers who want to solve real problems. You should like to tinker, but love finishing projects even more. We do open source: you should know how to communicate, collaborate, and think about software as a collective effort.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • A wise coder. You move up and down the ladder of abstraction, sometimes sweating the details of one line of code, sometimes contemplating how to change the world by building something new.
  • An artist. You have a sense for user experience and how parts fit together into a full-fledged product. We embrace a blurry line between art and code.
  • A lifelong learner. You’re self-taught and continuously learning. We explore new languages, skills, techniques, and platforms on a daily basis.

To apply

Please send the following to jobs+developer@mapbox.com:

  • Note describing why you’re interested in development at Mapbox.
  • Résumé.
  • Examples of your work. Link to your GitHub page, to projects you’ve finished, or to your website.
  • (extra points) Design an awesome map with Mapbox Studio and code up something new with Mapbox.js.