Mapbox iOS SDK

The Mapbox iOS SDK is an open-source framework for embedding interactive map views with scalable, customizable vector maps into Cocoa Touch applications on iOS 7.0 and above using Objective-C, Swift, or Interface Builder. It takes stylesheets that conform to the Mapbox GL Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using OpenGL.

For setup information, check out the Mapbox iOS SDK homepage. For detailed usage instructions, read “First steps with the Mapbox iOS SDK” and consult the online examples. A full changelog is also available.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team. We welcome your bug reports and feature requests.

Changes in version 3.2.1

  • Fixed a hang that could occur if the host application attempts to set user defaults on a background queue. (#4745)
  • User location heading updates now resume properly when an app becomes active again. (#4674)
  • Fixed an issue causing hyperlinks in the documentation to be displayed as raw Markdown syntax when viewed in Xcode’s Quick Help popover or sidebar. (#4760)