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Our customers use the Mapbox platform to visualize crime statistics, track personnel and equipment, and quickly map disasters with imagery sent from drones in real-time. crime map provides citizens with street-level crime data in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. You can search data by neighborhood or filter by type to reveal concentrations of crime activity. With the Mapbox API, citizens can even draw their own polygons to view crime data within custom boundaries.

Tracking gunshots with acoustic sensors

ShotSpotter uses hundreds of acoustic sensors to map gunfire across Washington, D.C. ShotSpotter's mapping helps police pinpoint the exact location of shots fired and respond as quickly as possible.

The District’s ShotSpotter has detected 39,000 outdoor gunshot incidents.

Drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal regions

The New America Foundation's Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative used Mapbox to combine 1,000 on-the-ground interviews with the locations of drone strikes in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

Feature extraction with imagery tracing

From tracing critical infrastructure to defining security perimeters, we allow feature extraction from our high-resolution satellite imagery anywhere in the world. Learn more about licensing of Mapbox Commercial Satellite.

HD video from space

Seeing movement and direction within satellite imagery unlocks a new dimension for monitoring. This clip, captured by Skybox SkySat-1 from two million feet above, shows multiple planes landing at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). Using the video's timestamp and public flight logs, the plane at the top of the video can be identified as Air China flight 1310, a wide-body Airbus 330 flying from Guangzhou to Beijing. This video is seamlessly integrated into the basemap and paired with other data sources, allowing for a stunning imagery visualization with all the context of a full street map.

Drone imagery

You can upload imagery and video from drones in one click with our APIs. From there, you can annotate the imagery, overlay insights, and then share it with your team in real-time. From disaster mapping to guiding real-time operations, Mapbox makes it happen.

Powerful mobile tools

Build native mobile applications using our open-source iOS and Android SDKs. Offline caching on iOS makes even large maps available on the go.

Need maps on premise?

Mapbox Atlas Server

The best of Mapbox can run entirely on our customers' private infrastructure. Atlas Server is our dedicated map server that comes with full worldwide maps, allowing our customers to add their private data and integrate with their existing GIS data and workflows.

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