Natural resources

Real-time data visualizations with imagery from drones and satellites used to monitor natural resources.

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Mapbox customers build applications to calculate oil reserves from space, monitor power plants and mines, visualize geothermal heat flow, and analyze large datasets in real time.

U.S. Department of Energy

The Department of Energy is mapping key resources across the United States. is built directly on top of the Mapbox APIs. Using Mapbox Studio Classic the data team visualizes geothermal heat flow, the distribution of power plants, solar energy potential, and wind farms across the US. These maps give an in-depth insight into the US energy landscape.

Resource analysis with satellites

Timely satellite imagery enables detailed analysis of large areas from conservation, forestry, oil and gas, marine, to mining applications and more. You can store and access the imagery on Mapbox and integrate it into your map. Do it all on top of our streets, terrain or satellite baselayers with full freedom to customize the map.

The HD video above, captured by Skybox from space, shows two power generation stations. Plumes from the smokestack at the coal-fired Brandon Shores station indicate the operational status at the plant and moderate wind from the west, showing how the pollution disperses.

Iron ore mine in Australia

Analyzing imagery of this iron ore mine in Australia provides deep insight into its operations from output to environmental compliance, capacity, and risk.

Monitoring oil reserves from space

Satellite imagery facilitates insight into oil production. Skybox used Mapbox to analyze and publish imagery from different dates, calculating oil reserve levels down to the individual tank.

Forestry management

InfoAmazonia maps deforestation and extractive industries in the Amazon rainforest. Their maps are built directly on top of the Mapbox platform and visualize interrelated factors influencing deforestation. From the last 12 years of forest fires to the expanding road network, InfoAmazonia uses maps to tell a powerful story of activity and deforestation.

Real-time weather

You can integrate live weather data into any map to visualize storm tracks next to offshore oil platforms and use temperatures to help forecast energy demand. Our design tools can map any dynamic data.

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