Imagery from drones and satellites meets real-time data visualizations for building insurance applications.

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The Mapbox platform lets insurance companies assess disaster damage, map millions of properties, and see live satellite and drone imagery. Our APIs and iOS and Android SDKs enable custom workflows; from inspecting roofs to processing claims on the road.


MetroMile is more than just car insurance, it captures everything happening in the car from tracking the speed to monitoring the engine health and logging mileage. MetroMile's analytics dashboard is built on top of Mapbox APIs and uses our iOS and Android SDKs to visualize trips, acceleration, and gas mileage.

Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

The Department of Homeland Security released aerial imagery documenting the devastation of the 2013 tornado in Moore. Insurance companies were able to assess claims by comparing before and after imagery. Using offline caching in our mobile SDKs, these maps let agents in the field process their reports regardless of slow 3G.

Real-time weather

From visualizing storm tracks through damaged buildings to showing how temperature affects crops, our design tools can turn dynamic data into maps and help communicate the impact of weather in detail. You can correlate weather data with any other datasets uploaded to our cloud. With vector compositing, you can stream weather data right into the topography of an area. Weather data becomes a part of the map without the bulky overlays.

Live earthquake ShakeMaps

You can style multiple data sources at once with Mapbox. The effect, in this case is Photoshop-like color compositing of ground velocity data against terrain and landuse layers with labels surfaced to the top of the visualization to maximize legibility.

Drone Imagery

With Pix4DMapper, you can upload imagery from in one click. You can add video directly to the map with our APIs, visualize restricted airspace, or even use DroneDeploy to manage every aspect of their UAV missions. From planning to collecting to instantly processing imagery, all built with Mapbox.

Live satellite imagery feeds

Mapbox can process imagery directly from satellite providers. Organizations buying imagery from traditional providers like DigitalGlobe or new micro-satellite companies can send data straight to their Mapbox accounts using our Upload API. Make your imagery instantly available in applications via our open source iOS and Android SDKs.

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