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Our customers build applications to visualize the spread of disease, add context to patient records with demographic data, and track supplies and coordination efforts in real-time. Our tools work in our secure cloud or on our customers' own infrastructure.

WebMD Cold and Flu Symptoms map

WebMD predicts and monitors the spread of the cold in real-time with their Cold and Flu Symptoms Map. With self-reported data from WebMD users across the country, WebMD maps hotspots as they flare.

Doctors Without Borders

In the first days of the Ebola response, Doctors Without Borders personnel needed maps. With many communities afflicted by Ebola not included in traditional maps, Doctors Without Borders turned to OpenStreetMap. Within 24 hours, volunteer mappers from the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team mapped entire cities in southern Guinea, adding more than 20,000 buildings to the map. In the following months, more than 1,650 mappers in 100 countries joined the movement, adding tens of thousands of miles of roads and over 100,000 buildings.

Malaria mapping

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene tracks the community-level distribution of insecticide-treated bednets. To show where bednets are really needed, Development Seed used the Mapbox platform to visualize Malaria Atlas Project data, creating tools to inform the fight against malaria on the ground.

Famine in the Horn of Africa

The World Food Programme (WFP) used Mapbox to highlight their critical areas of operation during the recent famine. The custom map allowed the WFP to clearly communicate the complex humanitarian situation internally, collaborate with partners, and to get the public involved in the response. The map features an estimate of the funds needed to feed those in need, new activity locations and shipment data posted in real-time, and coordination visualized to support decision-making at partner organizations.

International public health

The Center for Health Market Innovations maps hundreds of private sector health programs around the world. Practitioners and researchers can filter the map and even add their own data to produce better research in the global public health sector. The goal is to improve the capacity of global public health professionals to analyze the success of various approaches to delivering health care to the poor while advancing open data platforms for public health.

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Mapbox Atlas Server

The best of Mapbox, running entirely on our customers' private infrastructure. Atlas Server is our dedicated map server that comes with full worldwide maps, allowing our customers to add their private data and integrate with their existing GIS data and workflows.

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