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Port of Hamburg - Late July 2013

Our customers across the financial industry use our cloud and private deployments to calculate oil reserves from space, monitor shipping activity, and visualize massive datasets in real-time.

Monitoring oil reserves from space

Satellite imagery allows deep operational insight into oil production before information is released to the markets. Skybox used Mapbox to analyze and publish imagery from two different dates, calculating oil reserve levels down to the individual tank.


Square offers a mobile payment platform that makes it possible to process credit card payments anywhere from a taco truck to Starbucks. Square embeds Mapbox maps in receipts to add location context to $30 billion worth of transactions.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce built the Pacific Rim Coordination Center app using Mapbox APIs to visualize corporate risk and vulnerability to natural disasters. The app maps risk, vulnerability, and 20 years of historical disaster data to provide context of how floods and earthquakes could affect financial markets.

Market intelligence from microsatellites

Microsatellites offer high revisit rates, opening up new opportunities for gathering market intelligence. With imagery from Skybox and DigitalGlobe, Mapbox APIs show container ships being unloaded in the Port of Long Beach along with ship cargo and ownership data. Analyzing imagery of the port over several weeks offers new insights into maritime activity and the movement of goods in near real-time.

Building custom applications on top of imagery

Aerial, drone, and satellite imagery allow deep insights into global supply chains and to understand trends before they get reported. The example below gives an overview of the port of Hamburg's operations through stunning, detailed imagery.

Need maps on premise?

Mapbox Atlas Server

The best of Mapbox can run entirely on our customers' private infrastructure. Atlas Server is our dedicated map server that comes with full worldwide maps, allowing our customers to add their private data and integrate with their existing GIS data and workflows.

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