Combine your drone imagery with Mapbox basemaps and custom overlays to turn pixels into maps, measure distance and area, and instantly share imagery with your customers.

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Upload API

Use the Mapbox Upload API to upload massive GeoTIFFS – up to 10 GB in a single file – and let Mapbox process your data, turning your othormosaics into tiled, interactive web maps accessible via Mapbox APIs.


Our cloud infrastructure uses resources around the world to keep your data accessible and fast. We have 60+ edge servers, and our network is built to be resilient, automatically re-routing traffic to the most performant locations.

Satellite basemap

mapbox.satellite is a global basemap of high resolution imagery that you can use as canvas for your imagery. Place your drone imagery on top or cache the map offline for flight planning.

Vector overlays

Combine Mapbox Satellite and your imagery with vector overlays that add context. Mapbox publishes an open source Mapbox Streets style built specifically to layer beautifully on top of imagery. Use our live-updating Mapbox Streets layer or Mapbox Streets with contour lines, a layer built for outdoor applications.


Mapbox.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to combine Mapbox maps and your custom data in interactive web maps. Use our example code to quickly add maps, user interface elements, and calculations to your application.

Time series

Time sliders and layer switchers allow your users to swipe from scene to scene across any time period.


Mapbox.js includes tools to draw and measure, right in the browser.

Offline caching

Use Mapbox to save tiles offline for flight planning and field operations. Our terms of service explicitly allow end user devices to cache content for use when offline.


DroneDeploy manages every step in the UAV workflow from planning a mission to collecting and processing imagery before the drone even lands. Imagery is processed in the cloud, transmitted to Mapbox in real-time, and available to DroneDeploy users via our APIs.

Imagery instantly published to Mapbox.com using the Upload API
High resolution imagery via Mapbox Satellite
Offline map caching


The drone imagery processing software Pix4D includes full Mapbox integration, making it possible to upload imagery from Pix4DMapper to Mapbox.com in one step. Collect your aerial imagery with the flying platform of your choice, process images locally with Pix4D, and upload to Mapbox directly from within Pix4D. Once your imagery is on Mapbox, you can layer it with Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Satellite to provide context and use the Mapbox APIs to integrate the imagery into your applications.


The imagery collected by UAViators is owned by the Vanuatu government, published on Mapbox via our integration with Pix4D, and shared with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Micromappers, whose volunteers trace roads and buildings and evaluate damage to individual structures.

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