Collect imagery and data faster with drones and publish it instantly with Mapbox

Process aerial imagery
Upload massive GeoTIFF files from your drones and browse them on a map minutes later.
Cache maps offline
Don't be limited by cell reception: with offline maps, you can work anywhere.
Access global imagery
Get access to high-resolution global satellite imagery for tracing and digitizing.
Create custom styles
Bring natural details right into your map style.

Add your drone imagery directly to a map on web and mobile

Pix4D publishes drone imagery directly to their web and mobile apps using Mapbox's APIs. You can collect aerial imagery with the flying platform of your choice, process and upload with Pix4D, and then show that data alongside Mapbox's global satellite and street data.

Put your drone imagery on the map

DroneDeploy simplifies and automates drone mapping using Mapbox's powerful imagery processing pipeline. With Mapbox's infrastructure turning raw data into fast maps, DroneDeploy is able to focus on delivering the benefits of UAVs to farmers, builders, and anyone looking for a real-time view of their property.

Use drone imagery to prepare for and respond to natural disasters

Vanuatu, a small Pacific island nation, is at the highest levels of natural disaster risk. Satellite imagery isn't precise or current enough to catalog the island's infrastructure and track destruction when it happens. UAViators, an independent humanitarian UAV network, flew imagery for the Vanuatu government and published it on Mapbox with Pix4D. Now, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, Micromappers, and other humanitarian mapping volunteers can trace Vanuatu's infrastructure and assist future recovery efforts.

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