Business Intelligence

Analyze and update billions of data points for real-time intelligence


Visualize your geospatial data

Control every element of your data visualization from color, to size, to layer order.

Create fast maps from billions of points

Quickly render billions of data points, routes, and admin boundaries without slowing down your workflow.

Take your visualizations across web, mobile, and offline

Display and analyze your data in beautiful maps.

Build with developer-friendly, client-side APIs

Use our fast and secure APIs to quickly change data while keeping it on your servers.

High performance maps for real-time location analysis

Tableau helps anyone see and understand their data, with maps, boundaries, and geocoding powered by Mapbox. Tableau chose Mapbox to give all users accurate and locale-aware places and boundaries worldwide, as well as high-performance maps that enable powerful analytics at scale, easy customization, and fast data exploration.

Prepare and analyze data of any scale

Mapbox macros in Alteryx add Mapbox's precise, global location data directly into the Alteryx Designer. Users can discover, prepare, and analyze location data of any scale to help them automate tasks, perform data engineering, and deploy analytic models to their collaborators. Macros are currently available for Mapbox Search, Mapbox Isochrones, Mapbox Spatial Lookup, and Mapbox Boundary Lookup.

Create interactive, immersive analytics with maps and location in Power BI dashboards

Create powerful custom map visualizations all in Power BI with the Mapbox Visual plugin. The Mapbox Visual adds vector heatmaps, graduated circle maps, and cluster aggregation to Microsoft PowerBI. Download the plugin and get started with this tutorial.

Enhance data discovery with Mapbox Boundaries

MicroStrategy needed to serve a growing global customer base with an increasing volume of location data.

By integrating Mapbox GL JS vector tile maps and Mapbox Boundaries, MicroStrategy expanded their product fit to access customers in new markets, and increased the volume of location data they could display from tens to hundreds of thousands of rows of data.

"Tableau’s new vector based maps offer greater detail and a smoother browsing experience than image-based mapping products. This means when customers zoom or pan, Tableau scales the map accordingly vs. loading images, no longer breaking customers from the flow of their analysis. Mapbox’s leading technology also provides new background mapping layers to add context — including subway and train stations, building footprints, terrain, and water labels — to geospatial data."

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