Enable two-factor authentication on your Mapbox account

Two-factor authentication, also known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-step authentication, provides an optional, but recommended, layer of security to your account. Once enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter your password as well as a security code generated on your mobile device whenever you log in.

Two-step login

How do I enable it?

When you’re logged into your account you can enable two-factor authentication under the Security tab in your account page.

two-factor authentication location

After clicking on the security tab, you’ll be prompted to scan a barcode presented on your screen.

two-factor authentication enable

Scan the generated barcode using an authenticator app on your mobile device. We recommend using Google Authenticator - it’s free and available for iOS and Android. For Windows phone, use the Authenticator app.

Type the 6-digit code the app returns back into field below the barcode to complete the process.

What if I lose my mobile device?

After you’ve set up two-factor verification on your account, you will be redirected to a page with a recovery code.

two-factor authentication recovery code

Write down this code and keep it in a safe place. Treat your recovery code like a password to your account. If you lose your mobile device, you will need this code to log into your account.

If you have previously set up two-factor authentication on your account and do not have a recovery code, go to the Security tab in your account page to generate and retrieve your recovery code.

How do I use a recovery code?

A recovery code is a single-use code that lets you sign in without your two-factor device. To use the code, you’ll still need your username or email, and your password. Go to the Sign in page, enter your username and password, and on the second step, click “Lost your mobile device?”, and you’ll be presented with a form to use your recovery code.

Using your recovery code will temporarily disable two-factor authentication and give you a chance to configure a new two-factor device.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.