Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting iOS SDK Installation


The Mapbox iOS SDK supports CocoaPods as an installation option. If you’re already using CocoaPods, this lets you manage Mapbox like you do your existing dependencies.

While CocoaPods can be convenient, it can also be unpredictable. Try following these tips to debug installation issues:

  • Use the last stable version of CocoaPods. Beta versions are not recommended for use with the Mapbox iOS SDK.
  • If pod install gives you an “Unable to find a specification” error, try running pod repo update first.
  • When you run pod install, CocoaPods generates an xcworkspace file that includes its configuration. The xcworkspace file has a white background, unlike the xcodeproj file with a blue background. Make sure you’re opening this file and not the original Xcode project.
  • If you see the error Mapbox.h not found, this can typically be resolved by building your application despite the error.
  • If you’re getting a permission error or having trouble installing CocoaPods itself, consult the CocoaPods troubleshooting documentation.

If you’re still having issues using Mapbox with CocoaPods, please contact support with the complete details of the issue, including error messages.

Manual Installation

If you have installed the Mapbox iOS SDK manually, you may see an App Store bug that results in the following error when submitting your application to the App Store:

ERROR ITMS-90087: Unsupported Architectures. The executable for contains unsupported architectures ‘[x86_64, i386]’

To circumvent this, you’ll need to add the following script in the Build Phases tab of your project:


General Troubleshooting

The Mapbox iOS SDK requires Xcode 7.3 or above, but we recommend Xcode 8.0 or above. If you’re using Xcode 6.x or below, you’ll need to update Xcode. To use the SDK with Xcode 7.3, download a -symbols build from the releases page.

If your app successfully builds, but you see 401 responses to requests, make sure that you’ve set your access token correctly.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.