Print Mapbox maps in Mapbox Studio Classic

Your map looks great on the web. Now, how about printing it? You can print up to 2,000 hard copies for non-commercial flyers, posters, or short publications per year. This guide will tell you how to use Mapbox Studio Classic to generate high resolution image files ready for your publications, brochure, or canvas.

In order to print a map let’s first make one.

How to get started:

Once you have styled and saved your map, you’re ready to print!

With Mapbox Studio Classic’s export functions, you can set your canvas size, image type (.png or .jpeg), and resolution for a printable image. Follow these steps to export your map from Mapbox Studio Classic and learn about the options available from the application.

image print

  1. Pan and zoom to the your area of interest.
  2. Click on the image icon in the upper right of Mapbox Studio Classic to open up the export pane.
  3. Use the bounding box to set the export area.
  4. Adjust the crop size, crop bounds, center point, image format and resolution as needed.
  5. Select download and save it to your local drive.

In Mapbox Studio Classic’s export pane you can adjust and set the export options to meet your needs.

Export options:

  • Extent is adjusted by using the bounding box that is located over the map

  • Zoom level for the final image will be at the same zoom level that is currently being displayed (note how label sizes adjust)

  • Crop size changes the height and width dimensions of the print by pixels or inches

  • Crop bounds is the geographic coordinates that is used for the image extent

  • Center point is the latitude and longitude that the image will be centered around

  • Image format options are PNG or JPEG (vector file formats are not available)

  • Resolution can be set at 150ppi, 300ppi, or 600ppi

Note: Printing is possible for any Mapbox source data or remote sources from your account (exports are not possible for local sources).

Exporting large maps for canvas prints is also an option with Mapbox Studio Classic. Have a look at our web to canvas blog post that outlines the process for printing a large canvas map.

You must attribute print maps in the same fashion as you would cite a photograph: in a textual description near the image. We recommend using the following text-only attribution:

© Mapbox, Data ODbL © OpenStreetMap contributors

Learn more about our attribution policy.

You can print up to 2,000 prints for non-commercial flyers, posters, or short publications per year. For more detail, check out our printing policy.

Great work! Now you have an image saved and ready to print. We love to see your work so be sure to tweet your masterpiece to @mapbox on Twitter.

Want to learn about how to optimize your map for printing? Check out our blog post on high resolution prints.

Want to learn about other ways to export your map as an image? Check out our Map image export options guide.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.