Mapbox Satellite sources

Mapbox Satellite offers global satellite coverage:

  • From zoom level 0-8, we use data from NASA MODIS satellites, which we’ve de-clouded
  • Zoom levels 9-12 are made up of imagery sourced from NASA/USGS Landsat and processed by Mapbox.
  • For zoom levels 13+, we partner with Digital Globe, which provides the sharpest satellite imagery available. A range of other commercial and government data sources help fill out the layer at high resolutions.
  • For the continental US and Western EU, we use 0.3m Digital Globe aerial photography, which goes down to zoom level 19.
  • For a number of cities and countries, like Berlin, Denmark, and the United States, we source and process high resolution imagery from publicly available sources.
  • For the remaining landmass, we use DigitalGlobe’s GlobalBaseMap, which provides imagery up to zoom level 16 or 17, depending on the availability of high-resolution content.
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