Building hybrid apps

While Mapbox does not offer official support for hybrid frameworks, third-parties have created plugins and integrations that allow to you use Mapbox SDKs with a variety of alternative development platforms.

See our hybrid pricing guide for more information on how usage of your app will be billed.

Hybrid integrations of native Mapbox SDKs

The Ionic framework may also be able to use Telerik’s Cordova plugin.

Hybrid frameworks using Mapbox Javascript APIs

Creating hybrid apps with Mapbox GL JS or Mapbox.js is also possible.

Potential problems

Please contact the maintainers of these integrations directly if you encounter issues or have implementation questions.

Development of the Mapbox iOS SDK and Mapbox Android SDK both move quickly and new features are released on a regular basis. Third-party plugins that rely on these native SDKs may break with new versions, lag behind the official releases, and not support all available features.

For the best possible experience, use our native SDKs directly. Get started now with our First Steps guides for Android and iOS.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.