Hybrid app pricing

Apps built with the native Mapbox iOS and Android SDKs track usage with mobile users instead of map views. However, not all third-party frameworks track usage the same way.

Third-party frameworks that rely on Mapbox’s web tools track usage with map views, while third-party frameworks that work with the more sophisticated native Mapbox Mobile SDKs are typically capable of tracking usage by mobile users.

See our Pricing page to see how many mobile users and map views are included in your plan.

Here are examples of SDKs and frameworks and whether Mapbox tracks usage through mobile users or map views.

SDK or framework mobile users map views
Mapbox iOS SDK (native) x  
Mapbox Android SDK (native) x  
React Native Mapbox GL x  
Cordova + native SDK x  
Xamarin + native SDK x  
Phonegap + Mapbox.js   x
Cordova + Mapbox.js   x
Mapbox GL JS-based hybrid SDKs   x

See our breakdown of hybrid frameworks for more information about building hybrid apps with Mapbox.

Additional questions? Ask our support team or learn more about How Mapbox Works.