Glossary: referrers

Referrers are statistics we collect to help you analyze the traffic coming to your maps.

A single referrer is a record of a visitor who came from another site: if the visitor is using a map you’ve embedded on, the referrer will be

Due to some technical restrictions of the web and the behavior of corporate networks, the list can have some confusing entries:

  • unknown is written for when a request for a map comes without any trace of where it comes from. This could mean the map is being used by a mobile client, or the visitor has turned off referrers on their browser.
  • localhost means that the map is accessed from someone’s local computer, often for web development and testing. This can also show up as
  • and will show up when maps are used with Mapbox’s iframe embeds and on share pages.

You can view the referrers for all your tokens or a specific token from your Stats page.

Stats referrers

For Mapbox Studio Classic and Mapbox Editor projects, you can view the referrers for a specific project or style by clicking the icon from your Classic page.

view referrers

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