Glossary: map view

Web maps consist of many individual tiles. As users interact with maps by panning or zooming, more tiles are loaded.

A single map view is:

These counts are typical for a single page view on most websites. More than one map view can be generated during a single session as your users interact with the map.

Why is the number of tiles per map view different across Mapbox tools? Tiles from Mapbox Studio styles cover more pixels, making four tiles from Mapbox Studio styles roughly equivalent to 15 tiles from Mapbox Editor projects and Studio Classic styles.

In the above example, an 800x600 pixel map can render up to 20 tiles. The size of your map <div>, or <iframe>, as well as the center of the map will dictate how many tiles are loaded.

For native mobile apps, Mapbox counts usage via monthly active users instead of map views.

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